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  • Law Journal Extra, extensive on-line legal material, Including law forms & law of the Internet.
  • Lawcrawler, legal searches on the WWW a service that Includes indexes, cases, codes, law reviews, And educational material.
  • Findlaw, includes large base of Internet legal resources Ranging from foreign to USA databases.
  • Lawrunner, on this service you can query virtually every Legal subject from 238 nations and territories, and All states in the U.S.
  • LawInfo, this online service helps you find current legal Developments, experts, research issues, relevent News and educational material.
  • Versuslaw, an Internet legal research vehicle that helps You locate noteworthy legislative and legal devel- Opments from many locations.
  • Practicing Law Institute, extensive material and information On quality CLE programs in all states; 1st Internet Institute set for June 2-3, l997, in NYC.
  • ItsLegal, covers good index of free legal documents in a Number of categories, from autos, business and torts, To patents and trust law. Can download documents.
  • Law World - This is a legal cybercity, a virtual shopping Mall for lawyers and consumers covering products, Services, cases, forums, attorneys and judges.
  • Amer. Immigration Lawyers Assoc., covers legal status, reforms, laws, policy reports & conferences; one of the best resources serving INS interests.
  • The Discovery Channel - A site of history, nature, science & exploration which includes networks for children, travel & international links.
  • Global Internet liberty Campaign - This Internet site helps protect liberty interests related to freedom of speech & human rights on the
  • Privacy International, formed in l990 to protect against intrusions by governments & corporations, with members in 40 countries, resources & reports to protect the info-tech world.
  • The Directory of English-speaking Paris, with listings related to housing, French studies, Ads, services & entertainment.
  • Public Broadcasting System - Online service covering history & current events in education, culture, news, & extensive links to many cultural topics.
  • Soros Foundations Network - Main site of Soros Foundations & Open Society Inst., a network of agencies assisting immigrants & economic development in former USSR, Africa, Haiti & U.S.
  • Sierra Club - A member-supported, public interest organization that promotes conservation of our natural resources through policy decision making at all
  • Canadian Legal Resources - A resource for broad range of Canadian law information, from legislation & government to cyberlaw & recent case decisions - lawlinks
  • State Tobacco Information Center - The STIC webpage covers new decisions, evidence, resources & links in the fight against Big Tobacco to pay for smoke-related health care costs -
  • European Court of Justice - The ECJ site contains general information about the court, press releases, decisions & a weekly bulletin board of proceedings -


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  • Consumer Law Page, various articles on personal injury law ranging from toxic torts, breast implants, and brain damage to defective products and civil rights.
  • Hieros Gamos, presents resources for the World-wide lawyer, A comprehensive legal site covering journals, experts, Guides, directories, associations and government rules, Also in French, German, Italian & Spanish.
  • Internet Legal Resource Guide, an extensive database of legal Resources from all nations, including statutes, case law, Journals, education, directories, articles and news.
  • European Union, this site covers all legal and legislative News related to the European Union and EU Treaty, a good Source for laws affecting U.S. businesses.
  • Embassy Page, a resource for all information about embassies Around the world, to assist with business travel, visa Filings, victim assistance and related needs.
  • Safe Horizon, includes information and services to assist Victims of domestic violence, crime and political Persecution.
  • Window to Russia, a service from Relcom, the largest Internet Service provider in Russia, covers news, entertainment, Web developers, business, art & government actions.
  • L'Internet Juridique, covers issues related to Internet Commerce and WWW technology in France and the EU, With laws and Internet resources. In French.
  • Legalnet, a French journal covering multimedia and tele- Communications issues in the European Community, A good source for news developments in the EU.
  • Journal of On-Line Law, articles and news related to law- Making in cyberspace and the integrity of on-line Communications, trade, copyright and privacy issues.
  • USA Arts, this is the official site of the American Council For the Arts and it gives updates on legislative news, And summaries of all member organizations.
  • The Humboldt Forum, this has been cited as the first European Scholarly Internet law journal to cover all WWW topics Affecting the European community.
  • Kent Law, a compendium of legal and educational articles Presented by scholars in England, and covering new Legal developments in Internet law.
  • Relief Web International - Project of the UN Dept. of Humantarian Affairs; purpose is to strengthen international communities response to manmade & natural disasters through prevention, preparation &
  • IrishNews - Online edition of N. Ireland's newspaper, with a global village section of wide-ranging information about life in Ireland & timely political news.
  • Web Ireland - Ireland's premier Internal magazine, including online forum, review of Irish sites, daily news & information about connecting to the WWW world.

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